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Looking for a part time teaching job? Register as a Home Tutor with GuruQ

In the recent era of dynamic education landscape, home tutors have emerged and proved as vital role players in shaping students' academic journeys. As traditional classroom settings evolve, the realm of digital education has gained prominent importance. Additionally, online tutoring has become an indispensable tool for learners seeking personalized guidance and high standard expertise. For tutors considering registration on an online tutoring platform, a world of benefits paves the way for a life-changing teaching experience. Thus, choosing online tutoring opens a gateway of multitudinal advantages for your personal and professional growth by letting you harness the potential of the digital world.

Registering with GuruQ provides you a platform to showcase your unique capabilities of being an outstanding teacher. Additionally, the flexible timing adaptability helps you to pursue this opportunity as an additional earning resource. In Fact, the wide scope of interaction with students would help you to address the concurrent educational trends and demands of students in your subject. Good remuneration of your classes proves GuruQ to be a good collaborating partner for you.

Join India’s best tutoring platform to take Online and Home Tuition Classes

Go to the official website of GuruQ and register yourself as a GuruQ certified tutor. Follow the steps mentioned below to register yourself successfully as a tutor:

STEP I: Fill in the basic personal information

Fill the basic personal details like name, date of birth, gender, contact details (phone number and email id) and address on the tutor sign up form. Remember to fill in the details accurately.

STEP II: Clear your Proficiency Test

Appear for the proficiency test and clear the test to move ahead towards your registration. The proficiency test includes questions related to subject knowledge and teaching practices which would prove your suitability for the role.

STEP III: Registration Fee

Pay one time registration fee of INR 999 to ensure your active participation and involvement in the tutoring platform.

STEP IV: Document Upload

Once your proficiency test is cleared and registration fee has been paid, you will be required to upload your educational documents. This includes your highest educational qualifications, subjects of your proficiency and other relevant information like certifications and experience.

STEP V: Appear for interview

Post documentation you would receive a notification for an interview. Select the slot of your preferred timings for a virtual interview. The interview would include questions with a focus on your subject choice, teaching practice, home tuition efforts, notable achievements, prior teaching roles and expertise

STEP V: Appear for interview

Verification is the final stage before becoming a certified GuruQ tutor. Verification of documents and other relevant information provided by you will be carried out by the GuruQ team.

Congratulations, you are a certified GuruQ tutor now. Have good luck for the new door of opportunities opened by you in home tutoring.