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India’s best tutoring platform, GuruQ can help you find the best online tutors for yourself. At GuruQ, we give you access to thousands of top tutors who provide online tuition classes for all boards, classes and subjects. You can also find tuition class(es) for study abroad exams, competitive exams and language learning. You can download the GuruQ App, fill in your learning requirements, and get to choose from a wide range of India’s top tutors from Pan India.

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Taking online tuition classes on GuruQ can help your child to learn at his/her pace and convenience. GuruQ-certified tutors provide individualized attention to every child which increases their concentration on studies and improves academic performance. Your child has the power to decide when and from where he/she wants to attend online tuition classes. We provide a personalized dashboard that you can access at any time. Through this intuitive dashboard, you can schedule or reschedule your child’s classes as per his/her suitable timings. Our unique online video conferencing feature allows your child to connect with a tutor at any time and clarify his/her doubts.

So, what are you waiting for? Book online tuition classes for kids at GuruQ today and personalize your child’s learning!