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IGCSE Board Class 6 Syllabus

The IGCSE Class 6 syllabus for each subject focuses on providing balanced education and allows learners to explore themselves. Class 6 marks the beginning of Lower Secondary Education for young learners who are aged 10-11 years. Main subjects taught in Class 6 are Art & Design, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Mathematics, Computing, Digital Literacy, Physical Education, English, Global Perspectives, ICT, Mathematics, Music and others.

IGCSE Class 6 Syllabus for All Subjects

Art & Design: The syllabus allows learners to express themselves through art and use reflexivity to create and appreciate various forms of art including digital art, painting, print-making, etc.

Computing: The syllabus allows students to learn programming languages and coding like Python and how computers can only perform actions that have been asked by the humans.

English: The syllabus focuses on developing four major skills - reading, writing, speaking and grammar. Students are reading texts from varied cultures and trying to interpret and analyse the texts. Here, students are seen as descriptive writers for different audiences and purposes.

Global Perspectives: The syllabus allows students to develop skills like research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration and communication. It covers several important topics that talk about contemporary global challenges and issues like diseases, migration, belief systems, sustainability, poverty & inequality, trade & aid, human rights, globalisation, employment, biodiversity, etc.

Digital Literacy: The syllabus allows learners to develop key ICT skills like computer programming, word processing, digital graphics, databases, spreadsheets, composing and sending emails, animation, video editing, internet and web authoring. The students will also get familiarised with cybercrimes and how to protect themselves from such crimes.

Mathematics: The IGCSE Class 6 syllabus focuses on holistic understanding of the subject, focusing on principles, patterns, systems, functions and relationships. ‘Thinking and working mathematically’, a distinct feature of the IGCSE Board curriculum, encourages learners to talk with others, challenge ideas and to provide evidence that validates conjectures and solutions. The syllabus is majorly focusing on three core areas - Number, Algebra, Geometry and Measure, Statistics and Probability.

Music: The curriculum focuses on both singing and instrumental lessons. Students can learn various instruments and understand different types of music.

Physical Education: The syllabus promotes confidence, self-esteem, cognitive and social skills among learners. It allows the students to also understand various tactics and strategies involved in various sports.