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IGCSE Board Class 5 Syllabus

Class 5 syllabus of the IGCSE curriculum is mostly focused on developing critical thinking in students and providing them with immense practical knowledge. The syllabus is designed in a way that it will instill and improve problem-solving skills among students. The IGCSE Class 5 syllabus caters to age group of 9-10 years. The IGCSE curriculum is well-balanced and offers a lot of flexibility.

IGCSE Class 5 Syllabus for All Subjects

The IGCSE Class 5 syllabus primarily focuses on subjects like Mathematics, English, Computer Science and Science.

Computer Science: The IGCSE syllabus for Class 5 Computer Science syllabus focuses on computational thinking, understanding how computers store data and how computers and other machines communicate, etc.

Mathematics: The IGCSE Class 5 syllabus for Mathematics focuses on multi-digit multiplication, division, fraction equivalence, addition and subtraction of fractions with denominators, multiplication of fractions by whole numbers, properties of geometric figures, etc. The syllabus encourages students to develop mathematical skills. Also, it enables students to connect with numbers, patterns and relationships.

English: The curriculum supports an integrated approach and focuses on four key areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening. The syllabus includes poetry, playscripts and non-fiction texts.

Science: The curriculum covers six main strands - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth & Space, thinking and working scientifically and science in context.