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IGCSE Board Class 2 Syllabus

The IGCSE Class 2 syllabus is well-balanced and flexible. It helps in developing various skills among young learners. The curriculum focuses on subjects like art & design, computing, digital literacy, English, Global Perspectives, ICT, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education and Science.

IGCSE Class 2 Syllabus for All Subjects

English: The IGCSE syllabus focuses on four major areas - reading, speaking, writing and grammar. The curriculum allows learners to develop their communication skills, understand different texts and enjoy various genres of literature including, poetry, short stories, etc.

Mathematics: The Mathematics curriculum focuses on developing holistic understanding of the subject, focus on principles, patterns, systems, functions and relationships. The curriculum is divided into three major areas: number, geometry and measure, statistics and probability.

Computer Science: The new curriculum allows learners to interact with various components of computers and understand how computer works and interact with other devices.

Science: The curriculum covers six main areas:

  • Biology: Discusses about living things and how they interact
  • Chemistry: Focuses on study of matter
  • Physics: Provides knowledge related to matter and energy
  • Earth: Solar system, distinct features of Earth
  • Thinking and working scientifically
  • Science in context

Environmental awareness and history of Science has also been included in the curriculum.

Global Perspectives: The major topics covered in the IGCSE syllabus are - keeping healthy, value and beliefs, reduce, reuse and recycle, improving communication, using energy, families, etc.