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ICSE Board Class 8 Syllabus

In class 8th, students focus on building on the ideas of others and expressing their own views clearly. They want to engage and participate in enriching discussions while exploring their own interests. Students studying in class 8th start developing a keen interest towards certain subjects. The ICSE Class 8 syllabus takes this into consideration and includes several activities and other teaching methods to cover the syllabus.

ICSE Class 8 Syllabus for All Subjects

ICSE class 8 syllabus comprises subjects like English, Hindi, History, Civics, Geography, Computer Studies, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) & Arts Education. Along with these subjects, students need to focus on Physical Education, Third Language, Education in Moral & Spiritual Values, Socially Useful Productive Work & Community Service.

English & Hindi :The ICSE class 8 syllabus covers topics like reading and comprehending literature including stories, prose pieces, dramas & poems, analyzing different characters in stories, writing both informal & formal letters, advertisements, diary, journal, notices, articles, features, reports, etc. In grammar, topics like main clause & subordinate clause, sentence analysis, transforming simple, compound or complex sentences are included in the syllabus.

Mathematics :The ICSE class 8 syllabus in Mathematics includes key concepts like rational numbers, square and square roots, cube and cube roots, union & intersection of sets, direct and inverse variations, simple and compound interest, time & work problems, multiplication and division of algebraic expressions, properties of inequalities, factorization, properties of quadrilaterals, construction of quadrilaterals, circle, area of trapezium , polygon & semi-circle, surface area of cube, cuboid & cylinder, volume and capacity, interpreting bar graphs, probability & others.

History, Civics & Geography :The class 8th History syllabus covers themes like a period of transition, the growth of nationalism, India in the 18th century, traders to rulers, British policies & their impact, the great uprising of 1857, socio-religious reforms, India’s struggle for freedom. The class 8th Civics syllabus focuses on themes like the three main organs of the Indian Government: Legislature, Executive & Judiciary and United Nations. The Geography syllabus majorly covers topics like population dynamics, migration, urbanization, natural & man-made disasters, Asia- The largest continent, geographical features of India & human resources of India.

Physics :The ICSE class 8th Physics syllabus includes topics like matter, physical quantities & measurement, kinetic theory, turning effect of force, pressure in liquids & gases, concept of work, unit of work, kinetic & potential energy, difference between energy & power, refraction, curved mirrors, dispersion of white light, thermal expansion, pitch & frequency, monotone, loudness & amplitude, static electricity, identify live wire, neutral wire and earth wire, battery, dangers of electricity, etc.

Chemistry :The Chemistry syllabus covers topics like matter, physical & chemical changes, elements, compounds & mixtures, atomic structure, language of chemistry, chemical reactions, hydrogen, water and carbon & its compounds.

Biology :The ICSE class 8th Biology syllabus includes topics like transport of food and minerals in plants, reproduction in plants & animals, ecosystems, endocrine, circulatory & nervous systems, health & hygiene and food production.

Computer Studies :The ICSE class 8th syllabus covers broad themes like role & functions of GUI & OS, Functions & charts in spreadsheets, algorithms & flowcharts, program coding, app development & networks.