ICSE class 7 syllabus

Class 7 can be considered as a crucial learning phase for all students. At this stage, students want to work and learn collectively. Also, they are trying to relate several ideas and seek clarifications and engage in relevant discussions. Hence, they need to learn analytical & persuasive skills. The ICSE class 7th syllabus is a comprehensive and focuses on developing such skills.

ICSE class 7 syllabus for all subjects

The syllabus covers different subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics, History, Civics, Geography, Sciences (PCB), Computer Studies & Arts Education. Apart from these, students need to also focus on Physical Education, Third Language, Education in Moral & Spiritual Values, Socially Useful Productive Work & Community Service.

English & Hindi : The ICSE class 7 syllabus covers several topics like using multimedia to give presentations, collecting and collating ideas to have discussions, analyzing the use of language in different contexts, learning different styles of writing, writing a paragraph of 250-300 words, composing poetry, writing short-story or dialogues, using linkers, using phrases & clauses in simple, compound & complex sentences, using active and passive voice, using figurative language, using synonyms, antonyms & analogies in the right context.

Mathematics : : The ICSE class 7th syllabus includes concepts like multiplication & division of integers, introduction to rational numbers, the decimal representation of rational numbers, laws of exponents, cardinal property of sets, ratio & proportion, unitary method, converting fraction and decimals into percentage, profit & loss, speed, distance & time, simple linear equations, properties of triangles, congruence, construction of simple triangles, area and perimeter, calculating mean, mode & median.

History, Civics & Geography :

English : The ICSE class 7th syllabus covers themes in History like Medieval Europe- Rise & spread of Christianity, rise & spread of Islam, the Delhi Sultanate, the Vijayanagara & Bahamani Kingdom, the Mughal empire, making of composite culture while syllabus of Civics covers themes like the Constitution of India & Directive Principles of State Policy. In Geography, students need to learn topics like atmosphere, weather & climate, weathering & soil formation, industries, energy & power resources, and study of continents: Europe, Africa, Australia & Antarctica.

Physics : Various concepts like physical quantities & measurement, force & pressure, energy, light energy, heat, sound, electricity & magnetism are covered in the ICSE class 7th Physics syllabus.

Chemistry : The ICSE Chemistry syllabus for class 7th covers topics like matter & its composition, physical & chemical changes, elements, compounds & mixtures, atomic structure, the language of chemistry, metals & non-metals, and air & atmosphere.

Biology : The ICSE class 7th syllabus includes broad themes like tissue, kingdom classification, plant life, human body, and health & hygiene.

Computer Studies : The ICSE class 7th syllabus broadly covers themes including, computer-hardware components, an introduction to number systems, computer viruses, ethics & safety measures in computing, use of spreadsheets, introduction to database and DBMS & advanced features of HTML.

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