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ICSE Board Class 6 Syllabus

Class 6th marks the beginning of middle school. At this stage, students want to comprehend many things and are trying to focus on developing the ability to analyze, interpret and evaluate the use of language in various contexts. Also, they are trying to build a sense of self-confidence and self-control. Hence, the ICSE class 6th syllabus has been developed considering all these points.

ICSE Class 6 Syllabus for All Subjects

ICSE class 6th syllabus covers subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), History, Civics & Geography, Computer Studies, and Arts Education.

English & Hindi: The ICSE class 6th syllabus for English covers a wide range of topics including, literary and non-fiction texts, writing short compositions based on pictures, creative writing, use of linkers, pronouns, transitive and intransitive verbs, tenses to convey time, sequence, state and condition & figures of speech.

Mathematics: The ICSE class 6th Mathematics syllabus focuses on concepts like natural numbers, whole numbers, number line, representation of negative numbers in the number line, the idea of sets, coordinate geometry, simplification of brackets, ratio & proportion, algebraic equations, introduction to linear equations in one variable, constructions, understanding basic geometry, calculating perimeter & area, simple statistics- mean & median.

History, Civics & Geography: The ICSE class 6th History syllabus covers themes like the river valley civilization, the Vedic civilization, Mahavira & Buddha, the rise of kingdoms & Republicans, the Mauryan Empire, and the Gupta Empire. The syllabus of Civics focuses on rural local self-government & urban local self-government. The syllabus of Geography covers themes like representation of geographical features, landforms, water bodies, agriculture, minerals, and study of North America & South America.

Physics: The ICSE class 6th syllabus covers themes like matter, physical quantities & measurement, force, energy, light, and magnetism. Chemistry: The ICSE class 6th Chemistry syllabus focuses on topics like introduction to chemistry, elements, compounds & mixtures, matter, water & air, and atmosphere.

Biology: The syllabus of Biology covers major themes like plant life, the cell, the human body, health & hygiene, and adaptation.

Computer Studies: The ICSE class 6th Computer Studies syllabus includes topics around categories of computers and computer languages, file management, word processor- tabular presentation, mail merge, adding visual effects to the presentation, introduction to game creation, introduction to HTML & online surfing.