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ICSE Board Class 5 Syllabus

ICSE Class 5 syllabus is primarily focusing on memorizing facts, helping students to think abstractly and solve problems. At this stage, students enjoy applying logic and are able to concentrate for a longer time period.

Hence, the ICSE syllabus is a well-planned document that focuses on strengthening concepts and include that will improve their reading, writing, and memory skills.

ICSE Class 5 Syllabus for All Subjects

ICSE syllabus primarily covers subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics,Social Studies, Science and Arts Education.

In English & Hindi, a student learns to speak using appropriate tone, stress and intonation to convey meaning. They also listen and analyze ideas and try to interpret the speaker’s message. Here, a student also learns to think creatively and write create content like a short story, poem, anecdote, paragraph writing, etc. Students are taught to write notices and messages too. Topics like subject-verb agreement, direct and reported speech, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, interjections, idioms & proverbs, plural possessives & irregular verbs have been covered in grammar.

In Mathematics, a wide range of topics has been covered. Students need to focus on reading and writing numbers up to crores, round off numbers to the nearest 10s, 100s or 1000s, add and subtract mixed numbers, expand decimal fractions, compare decimal fractions, HCF & LCM, represent whole numbers through a number line, add and subtract integers, classify angles, compute area and perimeter of simple geometrical shapes, understand and use percentages, understanding bar graph, line graph, and pie chart, observe and generalize patterns.

In Sciences, the syllabus covers a varied range of topics including, the circulatory system, the skeletal system, food and health, pollination, plant reproduction, solid, liquid and gases, interdependence between living beings, sound and noise, work and energy, light and shadows, simple machines and cleanliness and hygiene.

In Social Studies,various themes like the evolution of mankind, basic features of the Indian constitution, geographical features of the Earth, India as a diverse country, and major concerns related to the environment & natural resources.

A wide range of themes has been covered in the syllabus of Computer Studies including, the evolution of computers, types of software, advanced features of word processors, special effects in the presentation software, introduction to scratch programming & varied internet services.