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ICSE Board Class 4 Syllabus

Students in class 4 learn more about what’s happening around the world. At this stage, students tend to be sensitive, hard-working, curious, and serious. They can draw information from printed material. Students also develop a tendency to play with new words, learn new words and use descriptive language. Keeping this in mind, the ICSE syllabus for class 4 students has been developed.

ICSE Class 4 Syllabus for All Subjects

The ICSE class 4 syllabus focuses on subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies & Arts Education.

In English & Hindi, students are learning to engage in meaningful discussions with teachers/peers on various topics, speak in clear language, narrate a story or recite a poem, identify key situations, and express opinions. Students also learn the basics of creative writing, paragraph writing of 150 words, anecdotes, write informal letters. In grammar, they learn common idioms, adages and proverbs, subject-verb agreement, use of punctuation & referencing.

In Mathematics,syllabus covers reading and writing numbers up to 6 digits, representing numbers using roman numerals, identifying half, one-third and one-fourth, and three-fourth in given pictures, representing fractions, adding and subtracting fractional numbers, learning and writing tables up to 10, multiplying 2 or 3 digit numbers, solve real life word problems related to money, length, mass & capacity, calculate HCF and LCM of numbers, understanding prime & composite numbers, testing divisibility of numbers, identifying center, radius and diameter of a circle, using bar graphs, using tangrams to create different shapes, an understanding concept related the line and line segment, converting units, converting days, hours and minutes & others.

In Science, , students need to cover topics like food and its components, balanced diet, avoiding food wastage, identifying different types of teeth and drawing them, healthy habits to protect teeth and gums, digestive system & its functions, excretory system and its functions, identify herbivore, carnivores and omnivores, parts of plants and their functions, photosynthesis & transpiration, properties of air, air pollution, the process of breathing, various methods of separation, properties of light, formation of shadows, force, friction, etc.

The syllabus of Social Studies Studies focuses on a vast range of interesting topics around major themes including, the story of the past, almanac, responsibilities of a good citizen, Earth and its movements & forms, our state, unity in diversity, and pollution & its impact on the environment.

In Computer Studies,the syllabus covers major topics like storage and memory devices, managing GUI OS on the desktop, tools of word processor, preparing a PowerPoint presentation, features of file management, etc.