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ICSE Board Class 3 Syllabus

Class 3 is an important phase of learning for every student. At this stage, they start learning new concepts in different subjects. Basically, it is the next stage of their learning process where they are going to learn new concepts while strengthening the existing ones. Hence, the ICSE syllabus for class 3 students is quite comprehensive and adaptable. The board has selected the right topics for each subject based on the fast-changing global trends. The syllabus focuses on cultivating advanced reading, learning and writing skills.

ICSE Class 3 Syllabus for All Subjects

Subjects that are taught to students in the ICSE class 3 are- English, Hindi (Second Language), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computer Studies & Arts Education.

In English & Hindi, students are encouraged to participate in role play and contribute to conversations. Students also learn to narrate their experiences and recite poems aloud with required expressions. The syllabus also prepares students to take dictation in content/short stories. Students are also learn to write a simple letter or write paragraphs of 100 words on a specific topic. In the grammar section, students learn about subject and predicates, collective nouns and material nouns, regular, irregular or plural nouns, simple tenses, how to use the dictionary, etc.

In Mathematics, the syllabus focuses on reading and writing four digit numbers, identifying greater or smaller of two given numbers, and learning multiplication tables from 2 to 10 using different strategies like counting, patterns, and repeated addition. It also covers multiplying two-digit numbers with a single digit number using the standard algorithm and other methods, division of numbers, reading simple maps, creating straight lines, curved lines & different shapes on a dot grid, weighing objects using simple balance, identifying a particular date or day in a calendar, reading time, measuring length and distance using centimeters/meters, recording data using tally marks, representing it pictorially and drawing conclusions, etc.

In Science, the ICSE syllabus for class 3 covers understanding living and non-living things, identifying their characteristics, indicating and identifying internal organs of the human body in the picture, drawing diagrams of various internal organs, discussing how the respiratory system functions, discussing causes of air pollution, recognizing and naming common birds, identifying nests of common birds, classifying plants as herbs, trees, shrubs & climbers, forms of matter, properties of water. The syllabus also covers methods of preserving water, purifying water, personal hygiene, solar energy and other topics.

In Social Studies,, students are introduced to topics like changing family patterns, changing lifestyles & various reasons contributing to it, how to adapt to changes, changes in the transportation system, gender sensitivity related to work and play, the dignity of labour, elderly care, good touch-bad touch, safety rules at homes, schools & roads, understanding the heritage of India, planets in the solar system, understanding differences between a globe and a map, identifying and comparing physical and political maps and understanding environment.

In Computer Studies, students are introduced to the computer system, hardware & software, IPO model, Graphic User Interface, Operating System, components of desktop, Microsoft Word, brief introduction to internet, duties of a digital citizen, tools of paint software, different file formats, concept of creating a folder, etc.