ICSE class 12 syllabus

The ICSE class 12 syllabus forms the basis for higher studies. All the entrance exams for undergraduate courses will contain questions from class 12th syllabus. Hence, it is important for all students to prepare, not just for appearing in the boards but also to prepare for entrance exams in advance. The ICSE class 12 syllabus is a major handbook that will help students understand the topics they need to cover along with the marking scheme & other details.

ICSE Class 12syllabus for all subjects

ICSE class 12 syllabus for all subjects

Students who have opted for the Science stream need to focus on subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, English, etc.

Commerce students need to study subjects like Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics/Computer Science/Geography, English, etc.

Students opting for the Arts stream have to learn subjects like Economics, History, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, English, etc.

Physics : Topics like electrostatics, magnetic effects of current, electromagnetic induction & alternating currents, electromagnetic waves, optics, dual nature of radiation & matter, etc. are covered in the ICSE syllabus.

Chemistry : The syllabus focuses on themes like electrochemistry, alcohols, phenols & ethers, general principles & processes of isolation of elements, chemical kinetics, surface chemistry, coordination compounds, aldehydes, ketones & carboxylic acids, etc.

Mathematics : The syllabus covers major topics like relations & functions, continuity, differentiability & differentiation, applications of derivatives, vectors, 3D geometry, application of calculus, integrals, probability, linear regression, linear programming, etc.

Biology : The ICSE syllabus focuses on genetics & evolution, microbes in human welfare, biotechnology & its applications, ecology & environment, etc.

English : The syllabus focuses on comprehension & grammar. Various literary texts, non-literary texts, poetry & drama are included along with report & proposal writing.

Computer Science : The syllabus covers topics like Boolean algebra, computer hardware, variables, expressions, scope & statement, arrays & strings, recursion, inheritance, interface & polymorphism, data structures, etc.

Biotechnology : The ICSE syllabus focuses on topics like molecular biology, genetic engineering, cell culture technology, bioinformatics, etc.

Accountancy : The ICSE syllabus covers themes like partnership accounts, fundamentals of partnership, goodwill, reconstitution of partnership, issue of shares, admission of a partner, final accounts of companies, ratio analysis, dissolution of partnership firm, retirement of a partner, financial statement analysis, cash flow statement, database management system, etc.

Business Studies : Topics like human resource management, business communication, business size & finance, globalization and recent trend in business, business regulators & intermediaries, etc. are covered in the syllabus.

History : The ICSE syllabus for history includes themes like towards independence & partition, establishment & development of Indian democracy, India’s foreign policy, women’s rights movements, World War II, decolonization, Israeli-Palestine conflicts, protest movements, etc.

Political Science : Major themes like forms of government, Constitution, franchise, legislature, executive, judiciary, fundamental rights & directive principles, local self-government, democracy in India, etc. are included in the syllabus.

Sociology : The ICSE syllabus includes topics like social institutions, religion & society, political & economic organization, social stratification, social change & development, etc.

Geography : Varied range of topics like physical environment, population & human settlements, resources of India & their use, infrastructural resources, industries, regional economic development, etc. have been covered in the ICSE syllabus.

Home Science : Topics like food preparation, meal planning, resource management, consumer education, human development, traditional textiles, communication & extension are included in the syllabus.

Economics : The ICSE syllabus covers broad themes like balance of payment & exchange rate, public finance, national income, money & banking, etc.

Psychology : The Psychology syllabus covers various topics including, intelligence & ability, personality, etc.

Students need to thoroughly follow the syllabus thoroughly while preparing for their exams to build a concrete understanding of several concepts.

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