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Finding a home tutor in your neighborhood was a daunting task for students and parents until GuruQ. GuruQ - India’s best tutoring platform brings together well-experienced home tutors for all boards, classes and subjects from all across India on a single platform. We also provide home tutors for language learning, study abroad exams and competitive exams. So, if you are busy searching for a ‘home tutor near me’, then download the GuruQ App! Get the right tutor for yourself in just a few minutes.

Why Choose Home Tutors Near Me from GuruQ?

Studying at home will help your children save a lot of time and energy because he/she will not need to travel to take tuitions. Learning one-on-one at home will make it easier for your child to connect with his/her home tutor faster and get clarity on doubts/concepts without any hesitation. Our home tutors provide individualized attention to your child’s learning needs. Tutors apply unique teaching methods to help your child understand concepts in a better manner. Also, a GuruQ-certified home tutor will guide and motivate your child to study just like the way you would do and help him/her get good grades. Our tutors are easily accessible, can take instant tuition classes, can schedule/reschedule classes as per your or your child’s learning requirements and also come within your budget.

Now that you know how our tutors can help your child meet his/her learning needs, what are you waiting for? Log in to our website or app and select your child’s learning preferences. Select your tutor from India’s largest tutoring community, match and compare on various parameters like years of experience, subject, reviews & ratings, etc. and hire the best-fit. Our platform or app also gives you the benefit of taking a demo class before finalising a home tutor. Not just that, we also help you with a tutor replacement in case you are not satisfied with your current home tutor. So, go ahead and book your tutor today!