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Online CBSE Classes, Tutors for CBSE Tuitions

CBSE or the Central Board of Secondary Education is a national-level board of education and examination which is managed by the Union Government of India. It is the most preferred and chosen educational board amongst most schools in India.

This board has a comprehensive syllabus and a well-planned out exam pattern. The New Education Policy introduced in 2020 has brought in a lot of changes in the board's structure. It focuses a lot on self-learning, giving students to right to choose their subjects across streams and has also opened doors for CBSE online learning.

There are two CBSE board classes that are very important in the board’s curriculum and they are:

CBSE Class 10th

In Class 10, is when a student appears for a board exam for the very first time. This is the first step towards their career and hence these board exams need to be taken with optimum preparation. Hence, it is important that students strengthen their basic and foundational concepts before taking the exams. It is vital for students to understand every concept clearly to ensure their understanding of all concepts is clear as the material taught in class 10 aids them in their future studies and ultimately their career.

This is usually where both the students and the parents start looking for CBSE coaching classes that would help the student study and excel. Technology has now made this much simpler, innovative and effective. Gone are the days when students had to travel through half the city to take tuitions. Today EdTech platforms that provide CBSE board online classes have made life simpler for students. They not only save time but also save money by providing online classes at the student’s convenience and in most people’s budgets. EdTech platforms like GuruQ have been instrumental in giving students access to the best tutors for all subjects in all kinds of budgets. GuruQ tutors offer one-on-one personal online and offline classes that every student can completely customize to suit their learning needs and speed, help solve sample papers, and provide detailed notes for all CBSE subjects, and a lot more through online tuition classes.

CBSE Class 13th

Another year that forms the foundation of a student’s future is class 12. This is another year of board exams where they take exams of the subjects from the streams of their choice. These are the subjects that peeked their interest and that they believe will be a stepping stone in their career paths. Marks obtained in this exam help students get in to colleges of their choice as most college admissions in India solely depend on cut-off marks. Various competitive exams too include questions that are part of the class's syllabus.

Students at this stage should not leave behind anything when it comes to understanding the study material and preparing for the exam. Learning the right way and from the right tutors becomes essential here.

The CBSE board exams for the 12th standard require a lot of practice. So, it is important that students choose only those offline or online coaching classes that provide all the resources needed for the preparation. GuruQ’s tutors provide private tuition classes to help students understand topics, clear their doubts and ensure practice sessions for solving CBSE sample and mock test papers, and of course eventually score very high in the exams. So instead of searching on the internet for things like CBSE tuition near me, all one has to do is download the GuruQ App and choose the tutor most suitable to them.

How Online CBSE Classes Come to Students’ Rescue?

CBSE curriculum is highly comprehensive and focuses majorly on self-learning. It gives students the option to choose the subjects they wish to pursue thereby broadening their career opportunities. However, it is extremely important for students to understand the subjects, topics and concepts from the core to excel. In most cases, students are faced with the challenge of lack of clarity of concepts which result in their poor grades. That’s when the need for a CBSE tutor arises! As a result, both students and parents are always on the lookout for tutors for CBSE tuitions. Gone are the days when students have to travel to take tuitions at various CBSE coaching classes. Now, with technology opening doors to a world of new possibilities, students have started opting for online CBSE tuitions. They can now choose from thousands of top tutors from the comfort of their home.

Why Take Online CBSE Tuition?

Online CBSE classes have helped students to take tuitions from the best CBSE tutor at their convenience, at any time they want and at any place they want! Out of the many online platforms available, GuruQ allows students and parents to access India’s best tutors for CBSE tuitions at their fingertips. These tutors not only come in all budgets but offer both online CBSE tuition as well as home tuitions.

Studying online from GuruQ tutors has proved to be highly beneficial for students as they get to choose - whom they wish to study from, when they want to study, how they want to study, where they want to study, based on the budget that works for them. Students can save both time and money taking tuitions online. GuruQ students have the opportunity to customise their classes with their tutors completely, reschedule and rebook classes with ease, enjoy flexible class timings, and moreover the freedom to immediately replace their tutors in case of dissatisfaction.

Where Can You Find Tutors for CBSE Tuitions?

CBSE is the most preferred education system in India. Considering the wide-spread adoption of the education system, the availability of tutors specialising in this board is also vast. There are thousands of tutors who provide online and home tuitions to students across the country. However finding a suitable tutor that fits a particular student’s individual need is usually a challenge.

However, the online platform, GuruQ has made life much easier for students looking for tutors, by connecting them CBSE tutors of various qualifications, experiences and per hourly rates. These GuruQ tutors provide completely customised classes to understand concepts and complete syllabi, instant classes to clear doubts, sessions to solve mock papers, help with last minute revisions, booking of bulk classes to avail better per hourly rates, etc. – all according to the student’s needs.

CBSE home tutors are also in high demand. Some students prefer personalised in-person learning and opt for home tuitions. What is important to know is that GuruQ’s home tutors come with complete vetting and background verification and are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and have a vaccinated icon on their profile on the GuruQ mobile app, to ensure the health & security of all students.

In addition to the above, GuruQ tutors also offer students the opportunity to take demo classes before booking. This helps students to figure out if the tutor meets his/her requirement and caters to his/her individual learning style.

FAQs on Online CBSE Tutors

1. From where can I take good online CBSE classes?

Finding a good online tutor is easy if you know where to look. GuruQ provides you with thousands of India’s best CBSE tutors to choose from. You just need to login, fill in your requirements, and choose the right tutor for your needs!

2. Can an online CBSE tutor really help me with my studies?

Online CBSE tutors from GuruQ can surely help you with studies to complete syllabi or prepare of exams. They personalize each class and cater it to the your personal requirements.

3. Are online CBSE tutors good?

Online CBSE tutors are equally good as CBSE home tutors. You just need to find the best fit for you that matches your learning requirement, preference and style. GuruQ connects you with top tutors from across India. Studying online from GuruQ tutors provides with perks like – choosing your tutor from India’s best and largest tutor community, the opportunity to completely customise your classes and learning material with your tutor, reschedule and rebook your classes with ease, enjoy flexible class timings, immediate replacement of tutors and so much more.

4. Where can I find budget-friendly online CBSE tutors?

On GuruQ, you can find the best online tutors for the CBSE board in your budget. GuruQ has thousands of top tutors starting from Rs. 200/hour; you can easily compare and choose the right tutor that works for you!

5. How can I be sure about the online CBSE tutor I am hiring?

Being sure of the tutor you are hiring is very important. On GuruQ, you can easily check the experience and the qualification background of the tutors. Moreover, tutors on the GuruQ platform have to go through a stringent onboarding process that includes background vetting and verification, only after which can they become GuruQ-certified tutors.

6. Is it possible to find a good online tutor for class 10th CBSE board?

Yes, you can easily find a good online CBSE class 10th tutor on GuruQ. Just register yourself on the app or website, enter your tuition requirements and look through the various GuruQ-certified top tutors to find the best fit for you. You also get the option to check and compare the experience and qualifications of the tutors to make an informed decision, because GuruQ believes in complete transparency. Happy searching!

7. Where can I find a good online Accountancy tutor for CBSE class 11th?

Since Accountancy is a new subject for class 11th students, studying from a good tutor becomes very important. You can get access to India’s best online accountancy tutors on GuruQ and book a demo class to get started. You can schedule your classes according to your time and convenience.

8. What all do I need to check while looking for an online CBSE tutor?

GuruQ onboards the best tutors from pan India for you. On GuruQ you can find and book tutors after comparing their experience, qualifications, availability and price per hour. This will allow you to make an informed decision before you choose a tutor for yourself. Moreover, all GuruQ certified tutors have gone through complete vetting and verification to ensure the highest quality of education is imparted to you!

9. Can I get a good online CBSE class 12th Math tutor in my budget?

GuruQ provides you tutors in all budgets. You will surely find a good CBSE class 12th tutor in no time. It’s a very simple and easy to use platform – you can go to website or download the app, fill out your study requirements and then accordingly book the best tutor.

10. Do online tutors also teach CBSE primary classes?

Yes, on GuruQ, there are thousands of good online tutors available for primary classes as well. Children studying in primary classes need more handholding hence, the need for personalized attention to help them understand better is greater. With GuruQ, you get the option of customizing your child’s classes according to his/her learning needs and potential. You can easily find a good tutor by visiting the website or downloading the GuruQ app which is available on both iOS and android Play store. On GuruQ you can book demo classes with various tutors before selecting one so that your child has the best tutor to cater to his/her individual needs.