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CBSE Board Class 4 Syllabus

Class 4 forms an important part of junior school for students. It is a juncture where students need to learn the basics and fundamentals of all subjects. That is precisely what the CBSE board has to offer through its Class 4 syllabus. The board intends to provide holistic development of the student through an enhanced education system.

At this stage, students are learning to write essays, hence the need for strong English grammar. They are also learning how to calculate decimal systems and understand lines and angles, thereby making it extremely important to know the subject in and out. Even the frequency and complexity of home assignments and projects increase.

CBSE Class 4 syllabus requires daily practice and more focused study. Students need to learn without distractions and parents need to encourage their children to study well while keeping a check on their study or learning habits.

CBSE Class 4 Syllabus for All Subjects

CBSE Class 4 syllabus is designed to encourage the critical and analytical thinking abilities of students. CBSE Class 4 syllabus focuses on core subjects like Hindi, English, Mathematics, and Sciences.

Hindi & English : The syllabus of Hindi and English focuses on grammar and literature which helps children to understand the context of stories and poems while focusing on sentence structuring and writing complex essays.

Mathematics : The mathematics syllabus delves into decimal system, tables, word problems, etc.

Science : The Class 4 Science syllabus is focused on topics like states of matter, human body, food and nutrition, clothes, safety and first aid, force, work, and energy, etc.