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CBSE Board Class 1 Syllabus

In Class 1, students take their first step into the world of formal education. It is the stage where their foundations are built. Their journey of schooling starts where they get to identify new things, and learn new words and surroundings. Hence, it is important that they get access to a quality education because it is this phase of their life on which their future would be built. Taking these points into consideration, the CBSE board has prepared the syllabus for Class 1 students.

CBSE Class 1 Syllabus for All Subjects

CBSE Class 6 syllabus is not just about theory but about applying them in real life too. So, there is a practical component in each subject. There are five main subjects along with various vocational subjects in the Class 6th syllabus designed by the CBSE board. Studying one vocational subject is compulsory in standard 6.

CBSE Class 1 syllabus has been designed as per the directions of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), 2005. It clearly focuses on generalising elementary education. The syllabus aims at making students free learners, realise their potential, and explore their creative interests.

It intends to generate curiosity and interest among students. Usually, the textbooks contain poems and short stories explained through pictures and infographics. The syllabus aims to train children in a way that they are able to express themselves freely. So, CBSE Class 1 syllabus emphasizes building interest in reading books and developing required language skills.

CBSE Class 1 syllabus covers a wide range of subjects like Mathematics, English, and Hindi. It covers all major chapters that students need to learn to develop their language and basic arithmetic skills like counting numbers, addition, subtraction, etc.