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A subject that connects students with diverse physical, biological, and cultural attributes of the world is Geography. It aims to build international understanding of students as it broadens their knowledge on people, societies, and nations. Through this subject, basic principles of landforms, water bodies, weather, factors affecting climate are taught to students such as latitude and longitudes, seasons, atmospheric composition, temperature, atmospheric pressure, and winds. In higher classes, the subject acquaints students with the economic aspects like, natural resources – energy, minerals, etc., industries, water management, and so much more. Increasing complexity in the subject makes students and parents scout for extra help back home through online classes or home tuitions. This helps students not just complete the syllabus in time but also study effectively and get good grades.

Geography in the K-12 Academic System

Geography enables students to gain knowledge about every physical aspect at a local and global scale. Students are introduced to this subject as a part of Social Science initially which then gets bifurcated as a subject usually in the 6th grade. The subject familiarises students on various topics and provides insights on the world throughout the school years. The curriculum however, depends on the grade and the education board a student is studying under.

Education Board Major Topics Covered
CBSE and ICSE Topography, climate, natural resources and vegetation, agriculture, manufacturing industries, transport, waste management
IB and IGCSE (International) Natural environment, population and settlement, global climate, economic development, geographical skills, food and health

How Is Studying Geography Made More Productive With Tuitions? Read on to Know.

This subject requires students to undertake detailed study of various aspects relating:

  • Landforms
  • Continents
  • Weather
  • Maps and more

Though this subject appears to be easy and scoring in the initial classes but becomes tad complex in higher classes. As a result of which, students prefer to take tuitions from subject matter experts.

This subject can be interesting and also high scoring if learners have concept clarity right from the start. That is why it is important to develop an early interest in the subject among students.

In order to score well in the subject, students and parents search for online tuition classes or home tuitions for kids to assist them to crack competitive exams and study abroad programmes. With tuition classes learners can study from tutors who are:

  • highly experienced
  • background verified
  • provide one-on-one learning
  • integrate structured study practices to teach the subject

Is Finding Best Geography Tutor a Challenge to You? Here Are a Few Quick Steps You Can Follow.

List your demands: Listing down your requirements in terms of as to why, for how long and what mode of learning you require is your first step to finding the best Geography tutor. It saves time, money and efforts. Knowing your needs can help you find a tutor who can offer personalised assistance for a productive learning experience.

Tutor as per your education board: CBSE and ICSE boards make Geography a compulsory subject till the Grade 10. On the other hand, IGCSE and IB boards offer freedom to choose the subject. Similarly, the curriculum also depends on the grade and the education board of each student. Therefore, it is very important to hire a Geography tutor who has the knowledge of the student’s education board and the course offered by it.

Expertise and experience: Studying Geography demands adequate focus and attention. It also requires a strong understanding of the basics for students to excel in the subject. Tutors can greatly help students by approaching the subject in a fun and engaging manner. A subject expert who holds experience in teaching the subject is the best tutor for Geography.

Dedicated tutor: As mentioned previously, Geography is introduced in the 6th Grade and can be pursued by students further in higher grades. A dedicated tutor can help students complete syllabus, do revisions, and master the subject. That is precisely why parents are always on the lookout for Geography tutors for Grade 6 or Online Geography tutor or home tutors to help their kids excel in the subject.