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Science is an interesting subject that helps students build on their understanding of the universe, the world and the environment. It teaches students everything, from how plants reproduce to what an atom is made up of and so much more. It invokes and encourages curiosity among students to know more about everything around. That is precisely why; it is an interesting subject to study. It is also a subject that requires students to study a lot of concepts and topics, think, learn and solve problems. Students usually develop perceptions about this subject when they are in Class 3. Hence, it is important, that the subject gains a positive perception else it would be hard to engage them or motivate them to learn and pursue the subject throughout school education.

How Is Science Rooted in the School Education System?

Science education in schools aims on all-round development. Science curriculum focuses on learning, critical thinking and application of concepts, beyond just rote learning or memorisation. It intends to cover vast areas of knowledge to prepare students to excel in related careers.

Education Board Academic Focus
CBSE Understanding of concepts & practical skills
ICSE Comprehensive & complete subject knowledge
IGCSE Fundamental principles and concepts & application to develop scientific skills
IB Concepts, theories, and techniques to foster understanding of scientific methods

This Is How Science as a Subject Broadens as You Advance Through Grades

Classes Curriculum Focus
1-5 Fundamental knowledge on various topics(human body, states of matter, work and energy, force, safety and first aid)
6-8 Understanding broader topics & concepts (electric current and circuits, natural resources, natural phenomena, concept of magnets)
9-12 Knowledge on specific Physics, Chemistry and Biology topics (carbon and compounds, chemical reactions, force and friction, pressure, light, reproduction in humans, micro-organisms, cell structure)

How Tuition Classes Can Make Learning Science Engaging?

As complexity of the subject increases, students feel the need for extra assistance in understanding difficult chapters and topics. That’s why they look out for good Science tutors. With the subject getting bifurcated into:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

To help in the matter, there are many platforms on the web with thousands of subject experts that have made finding Science tutors easy for both students and parents. Students today prefer to study:

  • At their convenience
  • From a tutor who understands their learning requirement
  • Tutors who provide individualized learning
  • Through home tuitions or online tuition classes

These tutors don’t just help students understand the topics, get concept clarity but also provide crash courses, tips and tricks to crack exams easily.

Wondering How to Find Best Science Tutors? We Can Help.

Note your demands: Understand your need first. By doing that you will exactly know what kind of a tutor you require. A Science tutor with:

  • Complete knowledge of the subject
  • Extensive teaching experience
  • Understanding of the curriculum

But before that, you need to know what you want your tutor to help you with? Complete the syllabus, prepare for exams, practice mock tests, gain concept clarity or clear doubts? On GuruQ you can select the best tutor for yourself by mentioning your requirement.

For example, if you want Science tutors for IB board or CBSE Science tutors, you can choose from thousands of top tutors available in India.

Dedicated tutor: Science is a very interesting subject that gives insights on every living or non-living thing that surrounds us. However, it has a vast syllabus and demands focus. With higher classes, the complexity of the subject only increases. Hence, there is always a demand for home tutors for Science, Grade 10 Science tutors, Online Science tutors for Grade 12 among students and parents. With one-on-one attention and assistance from dedicated and experienced tutors, students are able to clear their doubts, cover the syllabus and receive help during revisions.

Full control: Platforms providing tuition classes give freedom to users to select the tutor and the mode of learning which suit them the best. Students can find home or online Science tutors who fit their budget and schedule. Before finalising, students can take trail classes and replace the subject tutor if needed. With full control, students can find the best Science tutor for them while saving much time, money and efforts all at once.