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Chemistry is one of the branches of Science that focuses on the ever evolving phenomena around us, which can and cannot be directly observed by humankind but plays crucial role in daily life. The focus of the subject revolves arounds making students understand properties, composition, and structure of elements and compounds. The subject is generally taught from secondary classes onwards in schools. Students have to give complete attention to understand the detailed concepts it teaches. Learners of Chemistry who are preparing for school learning, competitive exams or study abroad programmes always look for subject matter experts who provide online tuition classes or home tuitions to get good grades in exams. Strong foundation of the subject can only help students to continue higher studies in the field.

Chemistry as a Part of the K-12 Education System

The subject is introduced from 6th Grade onwards and is taught under Science till 8th Grade in the CBSE board. It is given more emphasis as a subject from 9th Grade onwards. In the 11th and 12th Grades, students can opt for the subject under the Science stream.

Education Board Academic Focus
CBSE Basic principles and fundamental concepts with practical skills
ICSE Comprehensive knowledge of basic concepts and practical skills
IGCSE Fundamental concepts with a strong emphasis on practical skills and understanding of the scientific skills
IB Detailed understanding of concepts and practical application

ICSE, IB and IGCSE boards gives students the choice to opt for Chemistry in secondary classes. Focus of the subject is on the application of the concepts. The syllabus covers various topics depending upon the grade and education board you are in.

Classes Curriculum Focus
6-8 Synthetic fibres and their types, plastics, physical and chemical changes, metals and non-metals, properties, structure, and constituents of matter, carbon and its compounds, acids, bases and salts, etc.
9-12 Atoms and molecules, combustion and flame, structure of atom, the periodic table, chemical equations, electro analysis, study of compounds, organic chemistry, electrochemistry, etc.

With Tuition Classes You Can Unbreakable Bond With Chemistry

Chemistry promotes:

  • Skills
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Application of concepts in real-life

Having a strong foundation and clarity of concepts is extremely important in higher classes because it sets the stage for study abroad programmes or competitive exams.

As a result of this, learners and parents prefer to take online tuition classes, home tuitions or offline tuition class for the subject from the very beginning.

Wondering How to Find the Best Chemistry Tutor? Here Are 3 Steps for You to Follow:

Look for subject experts: Chemistry is an interesting subject to study, but it can be challenging for many. It has a vast syllabus and gets complicated with higher classes. It requires a subject expert who has extensive experience of teaching students with focus on academic achievement. Before hiring a tutor, it is extremely important:

  • To identify the need
  • How long the tutor would be needed
  • At what budget
  • For how many hours
  • For which education board

And then Search for Chemistry tutors for Grade 10 or home tutors for Chemistry, etc.

Dedicated tutors: Chemistry demands problem-solving skills and mathematical skills. Only with proper understanding and strong basics can one make progress in the subject. Home tutors for Chemistry and online Chemistry tutors offer dedicated one-on-one classes which help students with focused study plan and revision of topics whenever required.

Note your special need: Syllabus of Chemistry differs under each education board be it Indian or international. Hence, it is important to find a Chemistry tutor who has understanding of the board’s curriculum followed by the student’s school. Find Chemistry tutors for IGCSE board or CBSE board Chemistry tutors or a tutor who holds knowledge of different academic boards and study at your convenience.