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Biology is a part of Science that studies about life and living organisms. The subject helps students to know about the world’s natural processes. It builds on the student’s knowledge about their body, organs and how the body works. The subject also teaches children about plants, the environment, ecosystem, the animal food chain, etc. So, it is very important that learners understand the subject and its offerings right from the beginning. To give this foundation a strong support, students look out for tuition classes near them and according to their academic needs.

How Diverse Education Boards Teach Biology Differently?

Education Board Academic Focus
CBSE Introduced in Class 9
Optional for Class 11 and 12
ICSE Introduced in Class 9
Optional for Class 11 and 12
IGCSE Compulsory to select a Science subject in Class 9 and 10
Diploma subject in Class 11 and 12
IB Optional for Class 9-12

What starts off with knowing the basics of plant life and fundamentals of human biology and soon moves to the next level of learning in the grade of 11-12. The higher the class, the topics become more complex. However, it greatly depends on the various education boards like ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE, IB or state-level on what curriculum to follow for each grade. Take a glance:

Education Board Major Topics Covered (Class 9-12)
CBSE and ICSE Life process, cell structure, tissues, natural resources, food resources, reproduction, heredity and evolution, inheritance, different body systems, health and disease, nutrition, microbes biodiversity and conservation, skeleton, skin, health organizations, sense organs
IGCSE and IB Cell Biology, molecular biology, genetics, ecology, biodiversity, human physiology, nucleic acids, metabolism, plant biology, genetics and evolution, animal physiology, variation and selection, biotechnology, ecosystem

How Can You Push Your Learning Boundaries and Study Efficiently With Biology Tuitions?

Learning about the subject requires students to stay focused and have complete concept clarity because that will help them in pursuing higher studies or competitive exams like NEET, AIIMS, etc. As a result of which students need assistance in the subject beyond school classroom learning.

  • A good Biology tutor who is a subject matter expert and has wide experience in the subject can help students better understand and love the subject.
  • These tutors make lessons fun and interactive through drawings, presentations, etc. which help students remember concepts easily.
  • Parents are always on the lookout for online tuitions for kids who can provide one-on-one learning.
  • Students also require flexibility in class schedules, access to tutors as and when required, bulk classes, etc. and this is possible through online tuition classes or home tuitions or a mix of both.
  • There are many top tutors who provide students customized learning in their budget, help them complete the syllabus, do revisions, etc. and get good grades in exams.

Here’s a Checklist to Find the Best Biology Tutor and Achieve Your Learning Goals

Know your need and goals: Biology demands,

  • concentration &
  • regular revision of the topics learned

To find the best Biology tutor, it is essential to know your goals and requirements. An ideal tutor will provide you a structured study plan to build a clear foundation of the topics and cover the vast syllabus well before the exams.

You can get online Biology tutors, Biology tutors for Grade 10 or any other grade, home tutors for Biology, etc. all according to what suits your academic needs the best.

Certified tutor: To stay on the right track students need certified Biology tutors. Such tutors are,

  • subject experts
  • equipped with the resources to bring science to life by adding interesting real-life examples
  • certified tutors

Students can find Biology tutors for CBSE board or IGCSE Biology tutors or tutors for other academic board tutors for focused classes. These certified tutors carry years of experience with them, are background verified and offer customised classes at the student’s convenience.

Dedicated tutor: A good Biology tutor knows his/her student’s learning style and understands how to provide solutions to their academic challenges. Such tutors offer individualised classes to strengthen the comprehension capability of students. They also provide assistance with homework, projects, presentations and help with the revisions for exams.