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Education is a primary necessity for every student. Today, the desire to score more and get better grades than their peers has kept students on their feet perpetually. In order to stay ahead, students need extra help at home in the form of tuitions over and above school classes. As a result, the demand for good tutors is increasing by the day. And, why not? Tutors are responsible for strengthening the foundation of every student, and contribute towards their holistic development. Finding the right tutor has become a huge challenge for parents and students. Where does one get them? Gone are the days of poaching best friend’s tutor, travelling half the city for tuitions, or settling for the only available tutor in the neighbourhood. With the advent of technology, finding a tutor matching the learning needs of students has become easy.

Online Tutors & Offline Tutors for all boards

The education system in India is highly unique, modern and extremely insightful when it comes to imparting quality education to all. India has a wide range of education boards at the national and state levels. The major primary education boards in the country include ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE and IB along with respective state boards. Each of these boards aims at providing holistic development of students. A closer look at each board will actually provide an insight into the different teaching methodologies they follow. Rising peer pressure and competition, unequal student-teacher ratios at schools, different learning capabilities, etc. have left students no other choice but to seek extra help at home through tuitions. Students and parents are on the look out for good tutors, who can help students in their studies. It is important to know that every education board in the country has its different course curriculum covering a variety of complex, mild and easy topics and concepts.

Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE, as it is commonly known, is one of the most prominent and widely followed education boards in the country. It is known for its comprehensive curriculum and well-structured exam pattern. The curriculum focuses majorly on self-learning, giving students the power to choose their study subjects and streams. This national education system follows a unique grading system and also gives equal prominence to co-curricular activities along with studies. It is imperative for students to know that in this education system, understanding concepts, subjects, topics from the core can only lead to good grades. So, it is extremely important that they seek help from a CBSE home tutor if the need arises! Finding one that matches the requirements has become very easy in toy’s age, thanks to technology, which has helped students opt for online CBSE tuition. They get to study from best tutors from the comfort of their home.

ICSE or Indian Certificate for Secondary Education is another well-recognised education board in India. The board focuses on the holistic development of the student. It imparts education to students through principles and fundamentals of theories. The curriculum provides equal emphasis on all subjects, languages, arts and enables balanced and comprehensive learning. Students studying under this education board develop a deeper understanding of core subjects/topics and enhance critical thinking and communication skills. This board is known for its vast syllabus, which requires students to give importance to each and every subject, topic or concept to score good grades. As a result of which, ICSE board students need to be extremely familiar with every topic and subject and take extra help in the form of home tuitions or online classes as much as possible.

International General Certificate of Secondary Education or IGCSE board is a popular international education system that is known for its vast syllabus. This board focuses on offering students with different abilities a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to education. The syllabus aims at developing students’ understanding, skills, and knowledge on current topics, intellectual enquiry, cultural awareness, etc. and encourages them to make connections with one another. Students under this board need to give a lot of attention and focus on studies to score well for a better career. That is precisely why students and parents are on the lookout for extra help from tutors at home or through online classes. Online IGCSE tuitions or IGCSE home tutors can help build a solid foundation as well as prepare students for study abroad programmes.

IB or International Baccalaureate board helps students enhance their critical thinking skills and solve complex problems easily. The board lays emphasis on arts, physical education, languages, etc. to provide holistic development of students. The curriculum this education system offers is predominantly learner-centric and prepares students for higher education abroad. The kind of education it promotes is transformative, action-oriented and makes students life-long learners. The IB programme prepares students to ask challenging questions, learn across disciplines, develop research skills and think critically and logically. To help students excel in this board, there are several IB tutors, who provide online classes or home tuitions as per the convenience of the student.

Online Tutors & Offline Tutors for all classes

With every new class, a student goes a step ahead in their learning journey. So do their curiosity levels when it comes to learning new things and subjects. In a school environment, it is not possible always for teachers to give individual attention to every student which leads to students requiring help with studies back at home. Hence, they start searching for home tutors or online tuitions to get clarity on concepts, get doubts cleared, syllabus completed, etc.

KG-Class 5: These years form the foundation of every student’s life preparing them for the future. Hence, it is extremely important that the foundation is strong. Also, these are the years when they are curious, receptive, can be moulded and prepared for the future. The focus mostly during these years is on vocabulary, grammar, numericals, and basic concepts. It is extremely important that they have access to the right tutor at this stage, who can guide them, teach them and make them ready for the next phase of life. These are also the years when fundamental concepts are taught to students. So, most parents and students are in search of either home tutors or online classes to seek quality education. There are many platforms that provide access to top tutors, who provide individualised learning to students within their budgets.

Class 6-9: The next phase of every student’s life revolves around knowing and studying different subjects or concepts. They get acquainted with subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, Geography, and so on. So, the learning journey gets tough and tuitions become a fall back option for every student. These are also those years that prepare students for higher classes and hence, concept clarity plays an extremely important role during this time. Most students therefore look for personalised learning at home through online or offline classes to get their doubts cleared, syllabus completed and revisions done at their convenience from top tutors.

Class 10-12: Students during this phase are gearing up for their first big examination Class 10. It marks an important year in the life of every student, which helps them decide on the course or subject they wish to pursue in higher classes. Hence, they need more focused attention and help from home tutors or online tuitions. The next big exam they face in life is Class 12, which broadens their horizon to their education of choice. It is therefore very important, that they make informed decisions about their career and pursue them right. And in the quest of fulfilling their dream career, it is important that they have access to good tutors, who can prepare them through home tuitions or online classes.

Tutors for all subjects

With increasing classes, students get acquainted with newer subjects. The higher the class, the complexity of the subject increases. So, does the need for online tuitions and home tutors. Some of the prominent subjects that students seek help for have been listed below.

English: Most students find this subject easy to comprehend and hence, do not seek help in the form of tuitions in the early phase. It starts with knowing the alphabets, basic grammar, punctuations, articles, parts of speech, etc. but with higher classes, the subject starts focusing on short stories, dramas, poems, novels, etc., which get difficult in comprehending. Then the need for online tuitions or home tutors, who provide personalised attention in teaching the subject to students, arises.

Mathematics: Another interesting subject that requires handholding from the very beginning is Mathematics. What starts with numericals, additions, subtractions, multiplication, divisions, tables, soon get converted to formula, equations, concepts and difficult problems. With higher classes, the complexity of formulae and equations increases thereby making way for the need for extra help at home in the form of online classes or home tutors.

Science: Most students hire tutors for Science because the subject involves understanding of difficult formulae, concepts, topics, problems, etc. Be it Physics equations or formulae or Chemistry or Biology, this subject requires a lot of focus and attention from students. Online tuitions and home tutors help students overcome the challenges of concept clarity very easily.

Geography: Learning about the planet, solar system, soil, weather, maps, continents, etc. become a lot simpler with help from Geography tutors, who provide personalised learning to students at their convenience through online classes or home tuitions.

Economics: A difficult subject like Economics also becomes easy to understand with online tuitions or home tuitions. With one-on-one learning from these tutors, students find it easier to understand concepts and topics, equations and solve problems.

Hindi/Sanskrit: Languages can also be learned through online or offline classes. Not just that, students can also take tuitions for other languages.

Accountancy: An important subject for every Commerce student, it involves a lot of calculations, clarity of concepts, formulae, etc. Hence, most students prefer to seek extra help through home tuitions or online classes for this subject.

History: A subject like this requires students to remember events and dates, which pose a huge challenge. As a result of which, they prefer studying the subject with extra help from home tutors or online classes to increase their retention capabilities.

Tutor for languages

Language learning has many benefits. It can help understand new cultures, connect with different people, build one’s personality and increase job opportunities. Learning a new language can be tough but with the right help it can get easy. Today technology has helped students and parents find good language learning tutors within their budget easily. They can find the best language tutors for Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Portuguese. These tutors offer individualised learning at the convenience of the student through their mode of choice – online or at-home tuitions.

Tutors for all competitive exams

It has become extremely important for students today to appear for competitive exams to build a successful career. There are many competitive exams that they appear, for which they take online or home tuitions. Some of the most prominent competitive exams that students seek tutors for include the following.

SSC: Staff Selection Commission or SSC is an important and a very popular government exam that most undergraduate/graduate students prefer to sit for to get an entry into the various government departments and ministries. Many students appearing/preparing for this exam usually seek extra help from tutors through online classes or at-home tuitions.

CA Foundation: Students, who wish to become Chartered Accountants are required to clear this entry-level exam conducted by ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India). Students start preparing very early and take online or offline tuitions from top tutors to ace the exam.

ACET: The Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI) conducts the ACET or Actuarial Common Entrance Test for students, who wish to take actuarial examinations. The test includes topics and subtopics covered under Mathematics, Statistics, Data Interpretation, English and Logical Reasoning. Many students take online classes or home tuitions to prepare for this competitive exam from top ACET tutors in the country.

NEET: A very popular competitive exam among medical professional is NEET. This is one of the toughest medical entrance examinations conducted by NTA. Students appearing or planning to sit for this exam are required to focus on important topics. As a result of which, they are on the lookout for online tuitions or home tutors, who can help them prepare well and provide them tips and tricks to crack the exam.

AIIMS: Thousands of students, who wish to become doctors sit for the All India Institute of Medical Sciences or AIIMS entrance exam every year. To clear the entrance exam, a lot of preparations need to be done in advance. Most students appearing for this tough medical exam study through online or home tuitions from top tutors, who provide one-on-one learning.

JEE Mains & Advanced: A majority of students who pass Class 12 from Science stream prefer to pursue Engineering as a profession. Hence, they start preparing for JEE Mains & Advanced exams to make their way into the IITs and other top Engineering colleges. Taking online tuitions or studying from a home tutor is the most preferred mode of learning for aspirants.

VITEEE: Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Examination (VITEEE) is conducted for admission to undergraduate engineering programmes. To ace this entry level exam, a majority of students take online and offline tuitions quite early.

CLAT: The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a national level entrance test for undergraduate and postgraduate students that is conducted by the Consortium of National Law Universities.

AILET: All India Law Entrance Test is yet another entry level test conducted for students who want to pursue a career in legal studies.

Tutor for study abroad

For students planning to study abroad, there are many exams that they need to appear for like PSAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, etc. In order to crack these exams, students require preparations, understanding the exam patterns, etc. and most importantly, the support of a highly experienced and qualified tutor.

IELTS: It is a global proficiency test of English Language required for higher education and global migration. If a student is willing to study abroad or is migrating for an international job, then he/she is required to appear for IELTS. The test needs aspirants to be exceptional in listening, writing, speaking and reading. With the right help from an online or home tutor, acing the test can get easy.

GMA: GMAT is a must when planning to take admission in a global B-school. This test evaluates the analytical writing, problem-solving, logic and critical thinking skills of students.

GRE: GRE is another exam that students pursue to obtain postgraduate degrees from reputed global institutions.

SAT: When planning to appear for SAT to pursue graduation from top global universities, it is important to prepare right. Taking online or home tuitions from highly experienced tutors can help in understanding the exam pattern, preparing and scoring well.

PSAT: This is a preliminary SAT exam or a practice exam before SAT.