To become a tutor on GuruQ, simply go to the GuruQ Homepage. Click on Are you a tutor?

You must complete the 5-Step Registration Process to become a certified tutor with GuruQ.

a. Fill in the Basic detail form, verify your account

b. Take the proficiency test

c. Complete your profile

d. Select an interview slot for online or offline interview

e. Once certified, give consent for background check.

No, you do not have to pay to be listed as a Tutor on GuruQ.

It’s FREE! You simply have to complete the 5-Step Registration Process.

GuruQ tutors are paid at the beginning of every month for the number of hours they have taught through GuruQ during the previous month.

A GuruQ tutor will be awarded 4 levels –Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze. These will be based on a weighted average of various pre-determined criteria as well as the reviews and ratings from parents and students. Please see the Tutor Rating Policy for more information.

Course Understanding


Teaching Methodology


Improvement in Results

Professionalism & Attitude

Please see the Tutor Rating Policy for more information.

A GuruQ tutors’ overall rating will be altered at the end of every monthly.

If as a tutor, you cannot attend a class, then that class can be conducted some other time. You just have to cancel the class 3 hours prior to its scheduled time.

Note: Constant rescheduling/cancelling can lead to loss of students and reduction in your rating on GuruQ.

In this case, GuruQ will find alternative tutor options for the student and refund the payment through Q-points so that the student can use those points towards classed from another tutor.

On the backend, the reason for cancellation by the tutor will be found out and if it is not a justifiable reason, the rating of the tutor will diminish.

Yes, as a tutor you can change your own availability schedule only if there are no classes scheduled.

If the student has booked and scheduled his/her classes, your schedule will reflect no change. your booked classes won’t get affected

If a student completes an assignment offline, and later uploads the answer sheet on his dashboard You, the tutor, must go to My Dashboard -> My Assignments -> Download -> Check -> Give Score -> Input Score -> Submit.

The score will then be updated & reflected in the Progress Report.

NOTE: Only tests held online (timed & untimed) will have automatic score generation.