Why choose GuruQ ?

Student Benefits

Find the Right Tutor
  • Compare tutors on various parameters
  • Check tutor ratings by GuruQ and peers
  • Check student and parent reviews
  • Choose tutors who exactly match your needs
The Best Tutors Community
  • Delhi-NCR’s best tutors
  • Verified and vetted tutors
  • Stringent proficiency test
  • 5-level background check
Anytime, Anywhere Classes
  • Take online classes anytime
  • Take offline classes across Delhi-NCR
  • Classes at home or tutor’s place
  • Complete convenience and save precious time
Personalise Your Learning
  • Tuitions within your budgets
  • Total customisation - type, mode, time and place
  • Friendly dashboard - complete control
  • Learn at your own pace with no pressure
On-Demand Tuitions
  • All boards, classes and subjects
  • Take instant classes
  • Book classes by the hour
  • All areas beyond school education coming soon
Track Progress Easily
  • Online assessment - tests, assignments & exams
  • Online evaluation with e-Report Cards
  • Regular tutor feedback and advice
  • Parents can track progress online
Myriad GuruQ Benefits
  • Get attractive discounts for bulk sessions
  • Refer friends and earn extra Q-Points
  • FREE skill enhancement workshops
  • Innovative contests/activites with attractive prizes